Самая маленькая самера DIY Micro 5.8Ghz FPV

Питер и Джош сделали микро камеру fpv 5.8 ГГц  с видео передатчиком, используя относительно дешевые компоненты, купленные онлайн.

This cool little project isn’t anything new, tutorials and plans have been available online for years now, but we wanted to share how we put ours together. The full list of components are available below.

These DIY 5.8Ghz micro cameras/ transmitter setups allow you to add FPV to just about any sized airplane.

Josh mounted his micro camera on his FT Mini Scout. You can see it used in our Mighty Minis Episode.

Before starting, you’ll want to choose a solder iron that works best for your needs.

You’ll want to tin all of the connections before soldering, you can learn more about best practices on soldering in one of our other episodes linked below.

Here’s the final soldering setup on our specific kit. (full list of details linked below)

Focus your camera lens to the focal length that you prefer and you’re ready to glue it all together.

We decided to glue our camera to the transmitter so it’s a self-contained micro camera setup.

Testing out our camera setup, we were excited to see how well it transmitted!

Josh was able to fly about 2,000 feet away and still got great reception.

These little cameras can be put on just about anything! Build one and share how you put it to use!

If you’re still interested in a micro FPV setup but don’t want to build one yourself, you can check out the Horizon Hobby’s Ultra Micro FPV Camera and Video Transmitter. Available at: www.horizonhobby.com

Electronics used in this build:

M5802 5.8GHz 200mW 3V transmitter module (prefered)
Available at: www.rangevideo.com

TX5200M 5.8GHz 200mW 5V transmitter module
Available at: www.rangevideo.com

Available at: www.fpvhobby.com

Available at: www.fpvhobby.com

3 Way DIP Switch
Available at: www.tandyonline.co.uk



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